Update: Roman Era Hesse

Last week I added about 100 new Roman sites to the Roman Era Hesse map, completing the civil settlements in the northern Wetterau. By now more work for this map is done than left to do.

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Classical Greece: A first Print

The Classical Greece is map is progressing much slower than I originally anticipated. Due to more urgent needs I can’t devote as much of my time to the project than I hoped for. Nevertheless here is a first, DIN A1 sized, print covering the central parts of the larger map.

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Development Update: Roman Era Hesse

Recently, I‘ve updated the Roman Era Hesse page with a new version of my map and added the bibliography. However, the map is still very work in progress and far from polished. The Roman roads and settlements in the Main Taunus Kreis are now completed and a number of features were also added elsewhere. I've also made a few general improvements, like the better placement of labels. The civil settlements in the Wetterau and Hessian Ried regions will be next. Once everything is on the map I can begin to place the larger labels with the names of the Civitates or geographical features. 

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Development Update: Classical Greece

The Classical Greece map is currently progressing well and has begun to look quite nicely. Thus I thought this might be a good time for a development update:

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Classical Greece

Currently I am making great progress in finishing another old project, a highly detailed map of Classical Greece.

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Book: An Urban Geography of the Roman World, 100 BC to AD 300

In autumn, during one of my visits in the library, I've found a relatively new and for me very interesting book: J. W. Hanson's An Urban Geography of the Roman World, 100 BC to AD 300, which was published in 2016. If it had been available a few years earlier it would have saved me hundreds of hours of work when I begun compiling the Roman Empire map in late 2013 and during our Antonine Plague project before.

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New prints: The World of Ancient Rome, double sided poster

The old Sadisverlag folded Imperium Romanum posters are almost sold out, so the time had come to think about a better replacement. Instead of just reprinting the old posters I decided to make something else. The result is the new double sided poster, The World of Ancient Rome.


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Roman Era Hesse

I‘ve added another one of my projects to this site. One of my long term projects is to compile an highly detailed historical atlas of my home region, the Odenwald. The first step is a map of the Odenwald and surrounding territories during the Roman Era. This particular map should originally just show the immediate surroundings of the Roman Villa Rustica Haselburg The project has since grown in scope, currently I plan to eventually cover all parts of the province Germania Superior situated to the east of the Rhine, which will give the reader a more complete picture.  


The current work in progress map can be viewed on its own sub site: Das römische Hessen


It will be continuously updated until completion. 


The homepage of Sardis Verlag,, was finally shut down on August 30th. The company itself will be disbanded within one year.  All of my maps formerly distributed by Sardis Verlag will stay available through this site,, and prints can be purchased in our shop


Full Bronze Age Map

My current project: Expanding the Ancient Egypt map to cover all cultures of the late Bronze Age eastern Mediterranen and Middle East.

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Roman Era Population Numbers

Another one of my old Sardis Verlag blog posts. Here I want to try to give the reader some population numbers for the territories depicted on the Imperium Romanum 211 AD map.

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Prints in DIN A2

On demand my maps can be printed in other formats than the standards they were designed for. In this post I will show two examples in DIN A2 (59,4 x 42 cm), the largest size that can be shipped rolled up globally for 3,70 €. 

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New rolled up Imperium Romanum 211 AD maps

The rolled up Imperium Romanum map was Sardis Verlags most popular product and virtually sold out since the first weeks of 2017. Now a reprinted and heavily improved second edition has entered production. Over the last three years I made a number of changes affecting both the general and appearance and content. Thus compared to the first edition from 2014 there are quite a few improvements that I will introduce below.

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New inscriptions from Saudi Arabia and the extent of Roman rule along the Red Sea

An old blogpost from me. Originally posted in December 2014 on Since I don't want it to get lost once the old page will shut down and since it is still relevant for my Imperium Romanum map, I decided to repost it here.  

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Shop Activated

Since by now Sardis Verlag has stopped selling its products directly, I have activated the shop in this page. You are able to purchase HD paper prints of the maps from the former Sardis Verlag catalogue and newly made deluxe canvas prints. For now you can only pay with the popular online payment system PayPal. However PayPal also allows the use of Debit or Credit cards, without the need of your own PayPal account.  Further options are planned  in the near future.  


A new home for my maps of the Ancient World

Welcome to,


this website is intended to offer a new and permanent home for my maps of the Ancient World. A replacement for that will be shut down in the near future. However, currently HD prints of all my maps are still available via In the coming months my related non commercial projects will also be presented here. 


As soon as Sardis Verlag stops to sell their products directly, you will be able to purchase them in a small integrated web shop on this site.  


In March the maps will again be sold on and other European marketplaces. Probably in summer a new edition of the Roman Empire map should be again become available on