Status Update - The Study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages

In the last few months the final steps to finish my PhD kept my occupied and I couldn‘t devote as much time to research my upcoming Bronze Age map as I had wished or hoped for. Thus no progress update yet, but due to the current situation I have an ample amount of time now. At the moment I am working on Elam and all areas of greater Iran. I hope to have some preview images ready for next months.


So far all parcels are still being delivered at a normal pace, while Canvas prints and other custom made maps are produced as usual. However, due to the great dynamic of this extraordinary situation, COVID-19 epidemic induced delays can't be fully excluded.

In the meantime my Parthian Empire map was recently featured in the second episode of a six part series on the Parthian Empire by the YouTube channel The Study of Antiquity and the Middle Age. The channel, which I didn‘t know before, features a greater number of nicely done videos covering topics from the Bronze Age down to the Medieval period in detail. Thus if there is some time now to spare while sitting out the virus, it is well worth the look.

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