Except the big wall maps a number of postcards in standard size DIN A6 were also created for the Sardis Verlag. Most of them are direct derivatives, or at least closely related maps.  Since postcards are viewed  from a much smaller distance, they can still depict a multitude of details compared to similarly scaled wall maps. Just as my bigger maps the postcards can be purchased from my online store.  

Classical Greece postcard
Persian Empire postcard
Latium postcard

Classical Greece - Das klassische Griechenland


Our first spin off product. The 1:5.0 Mio. scale of the Classical World main map did not allow to depict the countless small, but relevant, city states in 5th century BCE Greece. Thus I planned an additional ancillary map similar to Etruria and Latium Vetus. Finally we decided against it. Instead it was published as postcard and later in the web. It can be viewed here via its own menu entry.         

The Achaemenid Empire


Following the established pattern I made a scaled down version of the same area on the Dawn of the Classical World map. It leaves out the western and southern parts of the main map to just focus on the Persian Empire.

Etruria et Latium Vetus


The third and final postcard based on material collected for the big Classical World map. Smaller but featuring mostly the same content than the almost identical ancillary map. Both exist because I wanted to fully represent this early period of Roman history on my maps too. Thus it was later also included on the World of Ancient Rome poster. A few comments about the map can be found as part of the Dawn of the Classical world section.

Ancient World postcards