Shipping Costs

International shipping costs for the maps sold here are mainly determined by the size of items.

  • Small items such as folded maps and textile prints can be shipped within Europe and to certain overseas destinations for 3,70 €, Postcards globally for 1,50 €. 

Due to their length the shipping costs for rolled up maps are unfortunately significantly higher:

  • Europe EU: 6 € (without islands and overseas territories)
  • United Kingdom and Switzerland: 16 €
  • Rest of Europe: 20 €
  • Canada: 27 €
  • Rest of the world: 35 €

All rolled up maps are shipped with DHL. The parcels are tracked and insured. 


Due to the current global pandemic shipping to overseas destinations is at the moment highly irregular: 

  • All parcels to oversea destinations like Australia, Canada or the United States can currently be transported by ship if the demand exceeds the available capacity for aerial transport, thus significant delays have to be expected and the parcel will mostly be on route for more than one months. This applies for rolled up and folded maps. 

Shipping fees are not additive. They will never be charged more than once, independently of the number of maps ordered.


Within Germany all orders include free shipping.