Maps of the Ancient World

Tabulae-Geographicae - Maps of the Ancient World, a website dedicated to showcase the growing number of my historic maps. Many of them were originally created for and distributed by Sardis Verlag, a now defunct small German publisher. 

Attached to this site is a small shop, where you can buy HD prints or download versions of my maps.

Due to the global COVID-19 epidemic shipping to overseas destinations is currently severely limited and in many cases not possible at all. 


A small update

While not much has happened over the summer I could nevertheless make progress with all my maps. Recently I purchased a number of German ISBN numbers, with the intention to give my maps a better visibility and wider distribution, as during the days of Sardis Verlag. For this I plan to publish new versions of all wall maps over the course of the year, beginning with a new edition of Imperium Romanum 211 AD in the coming weeks. All will also be available as digital downloads


The upcoming Bronze Age map is still not finished, but has at least sufficiently progressed to get its own section on the website, which I am currently adding.


The Antonine Itinerary

I've added a new page with a map visualizing the Antonine Itinerary, an imperial Roman directory of 17 routes with over 2000 waystations, covering a greater part of the Roman road network. 


Development Update 3.21: The Bronze Age World

During the last two months work on the Bronze Age map could again progress well. I mainly focused on improving the countries of the Hittite Empire, the major power dominating the upper central part of the new map. I am not yet finished with the Hittite lands, but at least more than the basic framework is now on the map.

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Roman Empire map
Classical Greece map
Map of Ancient Egypt

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