Maps of the Ancient World

Tabulae-Geographicae - Maps of the Ancient World, a website dedicated to showcase the growing number of my historic maps. Many of them were originally created for and distributed by Sardis Verlag, a now defunct small German publisher. 

Attached to this site is a small shop, where you can buy HD prints of my maps.

Due to the global COVID-19 epidemic shipping to overseas destinations is currently severely limited and in many cases not possible at all. 


The Antonine Itinerary

I've added a new page with a map visualizing the Antonine Itinerary, an imperial Roman directory of 17 routes with over 2000 waystations, covering a greater part of the Roman road network. 


Development Update 3.21: The Bronze Age World

During the last two months work on the Bronze Age map could again progress well. I mainly focused on improving the countries of the Hittite Empire, the major power dominating the upper central part of the new map. I am not yet finished with the Hittite lands, but at least more than the basic framework is now on the map.

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2021 Development Update

The holidays are over and the new year has come, thus it is a good time to give a small update showcasing the new maps I am currently working on. At the moment, I have three different projects from very different eras in development.   

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Roman Empire map
Classical Greece map
Map of Ancient Egypt

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