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Tabulae-Geographicae - Maps of the Ancient World, a website dedicated to showcase the growing number of my historic maps. Many of them were originally created for and distributed by Sardis Verlag, a now defunct small German publisher. 

Attached to this site is a small shop, where you can buy HD prints of my maps.


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Bronze Age Map: The Rivers of Babylon

During the last moths I could resume work on the Bronze Age map which has progressed well. Despite the considerable work already done for the Ancient Egypt map, this will be a long project. Hopefully, it can be finished during the course of winter, but more likely it will be summer again before the new map is ready for printing. The focus is currently on the two major powers of Mesopotamia, the Middle Assyrian kingdom and Kassite Babylonia, as well as the landscape they inhabited. The next steps will be Elam and the Hittite Empire. Once the major framework is complete, thus all great powers of the era are on the map and the Bronze Age landscape is reconstructed, I will focus on minor actors in the surrounding territories and especially the long distance trade networks. An additional smaller scale ancillary map will give a wider picture, including far away places like Cornwall and Afghanistan from where essential tin and exotic goods like Lapis Lazuli were transported to the Middle east.

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New Prints Available: Dawn of the Classical World

Paper prints of my big wall map Dawn of the Classical World, depicting the Persian Empire and the West about 500 BCE, are again on stock. Since the first edition was released by Sardis Verlag four years ago, a great number of small improvements and additions could be made to the map. However, the differences are not as dramatic as between the first and second edition of the Imperium Romanum 211 AD map. Most noticeable is the use of heavy duty paper (250 instead of 170g/m²), first introduced with the Ancient Egypt map in 2016 in now used by all big maps (Sizes DIN A0 and B1). 

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Roman Empire map
Classical Greece map
Map of Ancient Egypt

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