Maps of the Ancient World

Tabulae-Geographicae - Maps of the Ancient World, a website dedicated to showcase the growing number of my historic maps. Many of them were originally created for and distributed by Sardis Verlag, a now defunct small German publisher. 

Attached to this site is a small shop, where you can buy HD prints of my maps.

Due to the global COVID-19 epidemic shipping to overseas destinations is currently severely limited and in many cases not possible at all. 


2021 Development Update

The holidays are over and the new year has come, thus it is a good time to give a small update showcasing the new maps I am currently working on. At the moment, I have three different projects from very different eras in development.   

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Development Update: The Bronze Age World

Today is the 5th anniversary of the start of my late Bronze Age map project. In November 2015 I finished the initial version of the Dawn of the Classical Word/Persian Empire map for Sardis Verlag and thereafter laid down the foundations for new projects. Back than I had planned two new maps: The Parthian Empire and the World of the Bronze Age. The former was released by Sardis Verlag in spring 2016, the latter so far only as its offspring New Kingdom Egypt, in fall 2016. 

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Global Shipping: Africa, Asia, Oceania

It has now again become possible for me to ship maps to almost all destinations in Africa, Asia and Oceania. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic parcels are now mostly transported by a combination of sea and air freight, thus they can be en route for a significantly longer amount of time than usual. Thus for destinations outside of Europe transit times of over one months or more have to be expected.  



Roman Empire map
Classical Greece map
Map of Ancient Egypt

More Maps: