Dawn of the Classical World

A second huge wall map made for Sardis Verlag, depicting the Mediterranean and the Persian Empire about the year 500 BCE. Unsurpassed in the number of covered cultures and total area. The map was also sold by Sardis Verlag as The Achaemenid Empire and the West and Giant Wall Map of the Persian Empire.

Persian Empire map
The Persian Empire and the West

Detailed wall map of the ancient world at the transition between the archaic and classical periods of Mediterranean civilization. The map encompasses the entire territory between the Pillars of Hercules and the Indus valley, between the Hallstatt era Celts in what is now southern Germany and eastern France and the legendary kingdom of Saba in southern Arabia. This includes the Achaemenid Persian Empire at its greatest extend during the reign of Dareios I., 522 – 486 BCE.  


  • The Ecumene, the world known for the ancient Greeks at the turn of the 6th to 5th century BCE
  • All great nations and cultures of their period,
  • The colonies of the Greeks and Phoenicans,
  • All countries of the Persian Empire with their respective capitals,
  • The territories of Herodot's 20 satrapies,
  • More than 800 settlements and sanctuaries,
  • More than 200 peoples and regions,
  • The Persian royal road network,
  • Caravan and trade routes,
  • Major sea routes,
  • Modified geodata to reflect the ancient topography,

  • Detailed ancillary map for southern Etruria and old Latium during the first years of the Roman Republic,
  • Legend in English and German,
  • DIN A0 (118,9 x 84,1 cm),
  • Scale 1:5.000.000.

HD prints of this map can be purchased from my online store.  

Booklet for the map "Dawn of the Classical World"
Original English booklet of Sardis Verlag for my map "Dawn of the Classical World", includes a list of Persian administrative units with original (Persian) names and translations.
Adobe Acrobat Document 134.6 KB