Canvas Prints

Instead of paper all of our maps can also be printed on heavy duty artistic canvas (400g/m²). 


The resolution on canvas is almost as good as the paper prints and the colors are very vibrant. Other than on paper the surface texture of the canvas remains visible, but it doesn’t distract when viewing the map. Personally, I prefer this look over the completely flat surface of our ordinary prints when putting the maps on a wall. 

Unlike prints on paper the canvas is very robust and tolerant to water. Thus it can be more easily cleaned and repeatedly rolled up without risking any kinks or related damage. 


Canvas prints are custom made, thus it will take about week before they are ready for shipping. If desired, we can also add a few additional centimeters of bleed around the map for framing/stretching. Either by continuing the black and white zebra frame or alternatively without any map frame.


Further customized examples, with an extra location marked, a non standard size or similar modifications are also possible.  

Standard, DIN A0 sized canvas print without bleed 

Surface detail

Print without the zebra map frame and additional bleed on a stretcher frame

Rolled up standard canvas print