Development Update: Roman Era Hesse

Recently, I‘ve updated the Roman Era Hesse page with a new version of my map and added the bibliography. However, the map is still very work in progress and far from polished. The Roman roads and settlements in the Main Taunus Kreis are now completed and a number of features were also added elsewhere. I've also made a few general improvements, like the better placement of labels. The civil settlements in the Wetterau and Hessian Ried regions will be next. Once everything is on the map I can begin to place the larger labels with the names of the Civitates or geographical features. 

I’ve already collected the required literature and currently plan to finish this map sometime after the Classical Greece map is completed, which is now again my priority, thus probably early next year.

Villa Rustica Wölfersheim Wohnbach, Wetterau
Villa Rustica Wölfersheim Wohnbach, Wetterau. Aerial images and especially Google Earth are still an invaluable tools for me when compiling my maps. Image: Google Earth

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