Global Shipping – North America

Before the current pandemic I shipped my maps globally. For small items like folded maps I could use a special kind of letter offered by Deutsche Post for 3,70 € to all destinations, while full parcels with rolled up maps shipped for 25 to 30 €.

When COVID-19 hit Europe at the end of march I had to disable all overseas shipping. Back then I hoped the situation would normalize and I could return to the old scheme within a few months. Apparently this will not happen any time soon. Thus I begun to enable shipping to certain overseas destinations again in the web shop. The first step are North American destinations.

Normally, most mail and parcels are transported as additional cargo by regular airline flights, that still mostly have not yet resumed. Currently, everything is still highly irregular. For example I can only ship full parcels to the US for a premium, crisis, fee, including folded maps. When shipping to Canada however, the old price for parcels nearly applies and folded maps can still be shipped as a letter, but all parcels are now transported by ship across the Atlantic, thus delivery will take significantly longer than usual. There are no limitations at all when shipping maps to Mexico.


Current shipping costs on possible destinations can be found here. I will update the site accordingly as the situation continues to evolve. 


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