New Edition: Dawn of the Classical World (2022)

A new edition of my wall map Dawn of the Classical World is now available. Updated using new research, that was published since its initial release in 2015, the map is featuring more than 300 additional toponyms, including over 200 new settlements to bring the total number to over 1000. 

When this map was first released by Sardis Verlag in November 2015 I wasn't entirely happy with the outcome. Sardis Verlag was in urgent need of additional products and a deadline had to be met. I had severely underestimated the required time to research such an enormous area and the availability of suitable literature, primarily concerning the eastern parts of the Persian Empire. Fortunately the latter has changed significantly in the past 7 years  and lot of good articles have been published, especially in western languages. 

Already in 2019 I published version 1.5 that included a great number of small improvements and additions. Due to the parallel work on my wall map Classical Greece these were mostly located in the central section of the map. However it wasn't until spring 2021 that I could begin to systematically update the entire map using the new literature published since the original release. The main focus was now on the eastern satrapies of the Achaemenid Empire, which should be brought the a similar level of detail as the western portions of the map.

achaemenid chorasmia

Chorasmia one the satrapies that has benefited greatly from the update to the new edition (left). Right the same region in the previous version from 2019. As another new feature the map is no longer strictly limited to the years around 500 BCE. Now relevant places from the advanced 5th century are included too. Highlighted by underlining their names.


Today this new edition 2.0 is released as download variant and custom made prints. Thus finally all my great wall maps are now available digitally. Similar to both of my other maps published recently, The Bronze Age World and The Parthian Empire and the Silkroad, regular prints are currently scheduled for autumn or early winter. The preview page is already updated, the bibliography will follow within the next few days. Currently a few prints of the 2019 edition are still available. 

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