Full Bronze Age Map

My current project: Expanding the Ancient Egypt map to cover all cultures of the late Bronze Age eastern Mediterranen and Middle East.

Making a big map of the late Bronze Age world, showing all the other great powers of the 13th century BCE, is finishing what I started when I was making the Ancient Egypt map for Sardis Verlag last year. The Bronze Age is one of those eras especially fascinating me, thus intended from the beginning to eventually cover the entire eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, but the actual steps to get there have already changed several times. When this was still a Sardis Verlag project, we planned a huge DIN B0 sized map (1.4 x 1 m) next. Keeping the 1:2.5 Mio. scale used for the Ancient Egypt map it would have only covered the Mycenaean world and the Hittite Empire together with an unchanged Egypt.


At the end I decided against this path. The new map will be much more similar to the Roman Empire map in scope and design. The final version will include everything on one map, including all of Babylonia and Elam in the same level of detail as the other parts. Format will be DIN A0 (1.189 x 0.841 m) again, the scale 1:3.3 Mio. My next steps are finishing the Mycenaean world and the Hittite Empire during the coming months. It will still be possible to make a smaller, B1 sized, derivative with just the civilizations around the eastern Mediterranean sea, but it is still much to early to say what the printed editions will be, or if there will be any at all.  

Map of the late Bronze Age eastern Mediterranen and Middle East
The current state of my Late Bronze Age map, still lot's of research to do!
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    Michael@tabulae-geographicae.de (Wednesday, 30 November 2022 09:17)

    @ Balaam: Look here: https://www.tabulae-geographicae.de/english/bronze-age/preview/

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    Balaam (Tuesday, 29 November 2022 04:35)

    How can I zoom in so I can clearly see the trade route to Asia and read the names? Its currently too small to read unless I'm missing how to do it? Thanks

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    Michael@tabulae-geographicae.de (Thursday, 19 November 2020 22:32)

    - The Arzawa lands were finally subjugated by the Hittite King Mursili II. in the late 1300s BC and turned into vassals of the Hittite Empire until its collapse roughly 100 years later. The political borders on my map will represent the political situation in about 1250 BC.

    - The Middle Assyrian Empire is the orange marked territory between Babylonia (green) and the Hittite Empire (red). A much more recent version of this map can be found in the May development update:


    I am currently preparing another update that I plan to post later this month.

    - Download version: Yes, most likely

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    Julian (Thursday, 19 November 2020 10:43)

    Also, will there be a download version?

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    Julian (Thursday, 19 November 2020 10:42)

    Amazing map! I have a few questions. Why is the Hittite empire including Arzawa on your map? And where is Assyria? I know it's a WIP , but just wondering

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    WardTheGreat (Thursday, 19 March 2020 03:05)

    Your work is impressive. I am achieving same thing. I might able to help

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    Guther (Tuesday, 11 December 2018 11:56)

    I'd love to see it when it would be done

    Great and impressive work !

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    SNicks (Friday, 15 June 2018)

    I am very interested to see this!