Map of Ancient Egypt

My first map of a new era, the Bronze Age, and at the same time the last one I compiled for Sardis Verlag. Ancient Egypt in the New Kingdom period depicts the country and all its dependent territories during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II., the pinnacle of Egyptian power.

map of Ancient Egypt
New Kingdom Egypt

Highly detailed and decorative huge wall map in 1:2.5 Mio. scale. An ancillary map in 1:10 Mio. shows Egypt's neighbors, the other great power of the time, rivals for the hegemony over the Levant. In addition, the design of this map makes it also possible to retrace the previous periods of the Old and Middle Kingdom, since Pyramids and other features from these periods are noted.


  • The complete Egyptian Empire from Kadesh to the Jebel Barkal in upper Nubia,
  • An ancillary map showing the neighbors of Egypt,
  • Countries and Nomes,
  • Hundreds of settlements classified for their political significance,
  • Ports and fortresses,
  • Oases and mines,
  • Land and sea routes,
  • The most important quarries,
  • The royal necropoleis,
  • Modified geodata to reflect the ancient topography,

  • Legend in English and German,
  • DIN B1 (100 x 70 cm),
  • Scale 1:2.500.000,
  • Laminated surface,
  • Printed with a 300 dpi resolution on 250g/m² heavy duty paper,
  • Delivered in rolled up form.

HD prints of this map can be purchased from my online store.  

Booklet for the "Ancient Egypt" map
The original Sardis Verlag booklet that comes with the map. Bilingual in English and German. It includes the full commentary, bibliography and an index of all named places noted on the map.
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.2 MB
Lower Egypt
Surface of the printed Map